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August 19, 2018     Daily Post

About the things you don’t need to do

This topic is a popular one. And it often misses the point.

Not needing to do something doesn’t mean we shouldn’t:

  • Follow-up isn’t just for leads. It’s for clients, too. Not spoken to yours in two weeks? Why ever not? Like marriage, we should become more–not less–attentive once promises are made.
  • Customer gifts and extras. The heart may not miss what the eye hasn’t seen, but is that a good enough reason to not lavish upon those who trust you with their care?
  • Doing what others won’t: Your role may be well-defined. But every team has some “stuff” nobody wants to do. Does a “that’s not my responsibility” attitude contribute or hinder your team’s culture?

Relationships–like culture–germinate in the gaps where nobody “needed” to do something, but did anyway.