Change not required

Technology moves quickly…
But it also moves slowly, if you want it to.

Take email for example. There are hot new subscription-based options if that’s what you like, but there’s also very capable text-based alternatives that have been around since 1995.

They still work fine.

Or take website builders as another example. There’s fierce competition between the big players at the moment, yet this site is currently powered by a framework created in 2008 (and loads faster than all of the newcomers too). And every line of code was written in an editor built in 1991.

Things don’t have to change for the sake of changing unless you want them to.

And the same goes for your craft: change the things that need changing, if it makes your work better.

And don’t feel bad about keeping other areas of your craft the same as they always have been, if it works well for your process, and produces beautiful results.

You’re in control.