Sitting in a box

Why are you sitting in a box?

Silly, let me help you out of there.
Feel better?

You might be wondering why you were in a box at all.
That’s okay, it happens all the time:

Spend time in any industry and it’ll build itself around you.
‘Best practices’ show up, corrugated and firm,
Giving you paper cuts as you defy them.

But the problem is, from the outside?
You just look like a cardboard box.
In a warehouse of other boxes.


You can’t stand out while blending in.
Or while sat hidden inside a box.

So while your competitors are busy blending in,
And A/B testing for which variation of mediocrity is best,

You can be learning what customers actually want, how they enjoy receiving it.

Get ‘what’ right and they’ll:

  • Feel attracted to you, because you’re the one who understands.
  • Feel seen and heard, in a sea of blind alternatives that won’t listen.
  • Sign up with you, as if you know the problem, you surely know the answer.

Get ‘how’ right and they’ll:

  • Notice you, because everyone else blends in together.
  • Watch your videos, because they’re just like their favourites.
  • Click your links, because they’ll surely be even more of the same.

You’d think your competitors hate the idea of distinctive brand presence, increased engagement and loyalty, more organic reach and shares, a fantastic reputation, repeat business and word of mouth.

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