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January 04, 2018     Daily Post

Words control emotions

When you belong to a great team, it’s great because of you, as well as the others. Otherwise, it would be a ‘mostly great’ team. But we don’t always ‘feel’ great.

Turns out, we can do something about that. We control more of our emotions with our self-talk than we realize. Consider these contrasts:

  • Terrible or Inconvenient?
  • Cold-caller or Treasure-hunter?
  • Losing or Learning?
  • Nice or Absolutely-Marvelous?
  • Nutritious or Delicious?
  • Organizing or Recreating?
  • Scary or Growth-opportunity?
  • Expensive or Valuable?
  • Weak or Delicate?
  • Confusing or Intricate?
  • Hurtful or History?
  • Paycheck or Calling?

Which words sound more like yours, the left ones or the right?

Which would you prefer? What’s stopping you?