Fewer is better

I’m about to save you a load of time.

Replace your productivity hacks with this. I learned this through trial and error
• I had gotten really ‘productive’… But I didn’t get more effective.

Here’s what I realised:

  • Better than email hacks? Having fewer emails.
  • Better than calendar optimisation? Having less to do.
  • Better than meeting schedulers? Having fewer calls.
  • Fewer emails won’t cost you. Most of them are’t important.
  • Less to do won’t cost you. You already know you waste time.
  • Fewer meetings won’t cost you. Tire-kickers weren’t worth it anyway.

Now, TAKE that newfound time and:

  • learn what your customers want,
  • learn how they love to receive it,
  • then making it un-ignorably good.

Don’t be a super-organised silly-sausage,
Be a creator of amazing customer experiences.

Isn’t that better, champ?