Evergreen ubiquity?

Don’t want to be a replaceable hype-man?

You need Evergreen Ubiquity.

Being your company’s ‘hype-man’ means…

  • Waste time on checklist productivity,
  • Go to market on the back-foot,
  • Chase people around,
  • Discount your stuff,
  • Hamster wheel. Yeurgh.

But ‘Evergreen Ubiquity’ draws folks in…

  • Very educational, and very entertaining.
  • You’re drawn to it for its contribution in your life.
  • You’re drawn to it for the personalities you bonded with.
  • You’re drawn to it because it’s a small part of your identity.
  • You go to it, it doesn’t chase after you.

Things you need for that:

  • To know your customers way better than you do now
  • To know how they love to consume content/products
  • To know what they consider ‘completely un-ignorable’
  • To build at the intersection of those things
  • To ‘pay the price’ of it taking time to build

Which would you rather be?