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January 02, 2018     Daily Post

3 things robots can’t do

With development accelerating in AI and machine learning, the world is going to transform in a big way. Some wonder where humans might fit into it all, as blue-and-white-collar professions are altered by robots.

Here are 3 things robots can’t do:

  1. Intuition. Learning to trust your gut can at times go against the data. Knowing your gut is human-only; it’s when you know someone’s a good fit for your team after just 3 minutes of talking to them.
  2. Awareness. Beyond knowledge, this is where we see how the pieces fit together after being exposed to wide varieties of knowledge. Like the Magic Eye picturebooks of the 90s.
  3. Why. This transcends the activity or direction or timing. It’s what gives purpose. This is when you take a longer harder path not because it’s easy, but because it’s right.

Is your work celebrating your humanity? Do you do the 3 things that robots can’t do?