Ads should be your best content

Ads should be your best content.

Instead, they’re usually the worst.

An ad should not be:

  • They sell blindly vs first giving value
  • The visuals are low-effort vs good quality
  • They spend relational equity vs build it
  • They’re board vs targeted to a chosen few
  • They have no personality
  • They’re not memorable nor remarkable
  • They lead to boring sales pages

And yet companies expect to generate business with them.

Let’s reconsider what an ad is.

An ad should be:

  • An invitation to a great experience
  • Some of your very best work
  • Filled to the brim with value
  • The first step of a multi-step experience
  • An opportunity to discover
  • High quality in the eyes of the viewer
  • So good that people share it with others
  • Thoughtfully assembled for a chosen few

I go into more detail on this in The Productoon Newsletter this week. Check it out!