Community and sales

The one thing that takes care of sales for you:


Done right, it can transform your business.
Done wrong, it can be be a stupid, stupid waste of time.

Everyone thinks they’ve got a community.

They don’t.

We don’t "have" communities.
We can "form" communities…
We can "lead" communities…

…But we don’t "have" them.

(That’d be slavery… which is generally pretty frowned upon these days.)

But what is "Community", then?

Isn’t it something for people who sit in degenerate chatrooms all day?
Isn’t it something for people who don’t have any real work to do?


That’s just what people who haven’t experienced community for themselves think.

It’s when likeminded people congregate and engage their like mindedness.

That’s it.

Ancient tribes formed communities…
to share their interest of "not being eaten by lions".

Fans form communities…
to nerd out on nuances of the thing they’re fans of.

That’s all lovely but: how does it take care of sales for you?


  • If we see you around, contributing to the community, we trust you.
  • If we trust you, when you have something to offer, we trust it.
  • If we try your thing and like it, we recommend it. It becomes part of how our community solves that thing, and we tell all members about it.

I cover this in more detail in the latest issue of The Productoon newsletter. Check it out!