Do you compare yourself online?

Lots of people do.

And it makes me wonder…

  • Does comparing make you feel bad?
  • Does comparing make you stress out?
  • Does comparing demoralise you?
  • Does comparing make you feel like you’re failing?

If any of the above are yes, then what if you were to just… stop it?

Like, altogether?

If it doesn’t motivate or you… or give you calm focus… or educate you in a healthy way… why do it?

  • If it’s happening in an essential social circle, fight consumption with creation or get out.
  • If it’s happening in a workplace environment, grow out of that environment or get out.
  • If it’s happening in your family, limit your exposure to it and opt-out of those conversations.

Comparing can feel like it’s “research” or “motivation”, but it’s not.

It’s eating away at you.

You’re better than that.

Focus on the things that are good for you.