Time as a feature

When we say “that takes ages”, we tend to mean it as a bad thing.

When deciding how to build a body of work, “that’ll take a long time” is usually what is said right before the scope gets cut so that it can be achieved with less effort in less time.

But what if time was a feature?

What if the fact that it took you 100 hours instead of 10 hours – a real labour of love – is precisely the reason your choice of market will appreciate it so much?

What if the fact that it cost you quantifiably more resources, money, energy and effort – a journey that led to some of your best work – is precisely the sort of thing we should share in our sales letters and our love letters?

What if the gravity of the task ahead is something that would get more media attention, more presales, and more followers than the simpler, cut-down, half-as-good version you were thinking of reducing your work to, simply because you adopted the venture and dared to try?