AI’s powerful sibling

AI is the popular topic for leverage in creative-class work.

But it has a less popular sibling that is equally as potent, but less discussed.

This sibling also allows us to produce far greater output for a reduced amount of complexity or effort.

This sibling also equips us with the ability to achieve greater quantity and greater quality in equal measure.

This sibling is also tricky to fully appreciate for those who haven’t yet spent much time with it understanding the nuances of its power.

This sibling is called Systems.

It’s more than just sticking things in Notion. It’s more than spreadsheets and Zapier zaps. It’s more than having Slack integrations reeling off notifications about what your other tools are up to.

  • Spotting opportunities for one act to solve multiple problems.
  • Tracking your time to see where bottlenecks and slowdowns emerge.
  • Uncovering ways to repurpose works to produce additional derivative works.
  • Noticing ways your current work could be much stronger through patterns.

These things aren’t as slick as simply typing into a chat box and having answers pop out. Yet.

But they’re equally as potent for the growth of our work, and the leverage available to us.