We don’t deserve attention

Social media attention hogs don’t want to hear this…

But good creators and marketers do…

And I hope you’re as pumped about it as I am:

We don’t deserve attention.

Posting content on social media doesn’t entitle us to attention, views, clicks, likes or comments.

Running ads on social media doesn’t entitle us to sales, conversions, or even clicks.

Split-testing our content doesn’t entitle us to logical (or even consistent) results.

Seeing someone else go viral doesn’t entitle you to draw comparisons or expect the same results if you do what they did.

People will see it if they were there at the time and the algorithm served you up.

People will watch what interests them, like what they feel like, comment if they’re in the mood.

We can’t control any of these outputs. Trying to is futile. Expecting to repeat likes, clicks, or earnings is misguided.

We can only control our inputs.

To keep showing up and do the work for those we wish to serve.

To learn as we go, and to remember it’s the reps that lead to progress, not just the technique.

That’s it.