Know the difference

Which is better: quantity, or quality?

“Both” is a lazy answer.

Let’s go a little deeper:

Some paint with a broad brush and cover large surfaces at scale. They go for maximum reach, likes and comments, increasing reach in hope that some will go deeper.

Others paint with a fine tip, a calm heart and a steady hand. They go for maximum focus, clarity of targeting and pursuit of those targets in hope that precisely those they target will go deeper.

There’s a place for both of these things.

“Both” isn’t the answer. “Know the difference and know when to deploy each” is the answer.

The trick is knowing where each belongs.

YouTube videos made for one person won’t get to that one person because the algorithm may not know to amplify it due to a low volume of data for it to work with.

Cold email outreach heavily automated for maximum reach will have lower response rates than genuinely personal, thoughtful outreach, due to the fact that people can tell the difference, whether you like it or not.

Know the difference.

And know when to deploy each.

Your work — and those you serve — will thank you for it.