Imperfect, like you

The tools you love weren’t made with perfect plans or by perfect people. Their quirks and incompatibilities serve as a reminder of all the opportunity around us to build and teach.

The markets you love weren’t created by design, or by a designer. The lines that determine one industry from another are painted by people no smarter than you; a reminder that you can define new segments and break the rules, if it’s in the best interests of those you serve.

The world you love isn’t the way it is because of some grand design. It’s simply a byproduct of many decisions that came before you, some intentional but many coincidental. The intentionality you bring to your work has every bit as much potential to change the culture as anything that came before it.

It’s all imperfect, like you and like me.

And that’s why we’re a perfect fit to bring positive change through our work and our actions.