What’s in a name?

Naming is hard.

Kezi and I have spent months trying to decide on the right name for our boy. A name carries a lot of signal, history and meaning; we want to gift him with a great name.

The same can be said for important projects, books, and businesses — getting it right has an affect on the success of the project, its market reception, and who associates with it.

There are no perfect words, and we have to work with what language affords us. But then again, the same is true of keys on a piano, or colours in the rainbow - we can do so much with only a small selection.

Naming is hard… but that’s because there’s an art to it. And that means it’s a joy, a privilege, and a gift.

If you have a new project in the works (or a little one on the way!) naming can be seen as tricky — tedious, even. Remember that it’s part of your craft, part of your work, part of the gift you’re wrapping for someone very special.