Pursuing statistical inevitability

We can’t control much.

But statistical inevitability helps in areas we can.

Can’t control how others will receive your work? Committing to lavishing upon one hundred customers with white-glove, high-touch service keeps you close to the feedback and teaches you a lot about how to refine your work. While you can’t control the reception, you can engage feedback and iteration so intently that positive reception becomes a statistical inevitability.

Can’t control how many people will see your work? Committing to twice as many strategic partnerships as you need and lavishing upon those relationships will unlock a lot. While you can’t control how many will see the work, you can over-cook your outreach so that the reach you need becomes a statistical inevitability.

Got something that feels out of control in your work? Committing to going above and beyond in the work that you can control enables you to engineer enough of a ‘land, sea and air’ assault on the problem to make success a statistical inevitability.