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May 29, 2018     Daily Post

Premium vs “premium”

Which feels more premium: a slick slide deck or a simple pencil sketch?

“‘Bespoke’ is a true collaboration between patron and artisan, where conception starts with a single line on paper.” – Rolls-Royce

When one of our teams swapped their (polished) slide decks for live pencil sketch presentations:

  • Calls felt more personal: A sketchbook is an intimate space, so collaborative note-taking made the calls feel more intimate, too.
  • Ideas felt more tailored: The offers didn’t change. But unique presentation made them feel inherently more unique.
  • Experience felt more premium: A live drawing and annotating of ideas, despite being rough and low-fidelity, felt more premium.

Premium experiences are more personal, tailored, and unique. Sometimes all that’s required is a pencil and paper.