Things your subconscious does better

Providing divergent streams of thought.

Processing what doesn’t need your attention.

Appropriating feelings to signals.

Guiding your perception.

These are all subconscious activities.

We can learn by studying (conscious), but we can learn so much more if we give our minds ideas to chew on while we do something else (subconscious). Next time we go to study, it comes easier to us because we’ve done the work.

We can write by writing (conscious), but we can write so much more by feeding the specifics of the next chapter to our minds to explore while we do something else (subconscious). Next time we sit down to write, the words are there.

You can work on interesting projects (consciously), but you can achieve so much more by giving your mind a specific, clear, felt problem to work on by itself, too.

If you’re doing work that matters, remember that 90% of your mind is subconscious.

Learn how to wield it, and just watch how much you can achieve.