The joke in ‘reworking’ is hidden in plain sight.

It implies that you do work…and then you do it again. You’re re-working.

Doesn’t sound particularly useful:

Reworking a functional SSG website in another SSG. When infrastructure works well, technologists like to change it anyway. It’s in the blood to want to solve the problem again using a different set of opinions. But what if we solved new problems, to make things better, rather than just different?

**Reworking an NFT so that it moves. **Artistic expression aside, a token is more than the sum of its parts. We don’t judge a ball game on the admission ticket alone, nor a web3 project on its NFT alone. What if we advanced what’s possible, rather than merely pursuing derivative works?

You are reworking. We all have areas where we do it. The trick is to learn to spot these moments, so we can challenge ourselves to be intentional with our craft, our focus, and the work we bring into the world.

We want to see what you’re capable of when you stop reworking.