Sometimes we overpay for things. We don’t like how that feels when we realise.

Other times, we buy things we love, things we want, things we have an emotional connection to, things that make us feel like we’ve made the right choice. These things aren’t usually the cheapest option on the market. So why isn’t this “overpaying”, too?

Because “overpaying” has nothing to do with money.

“Overpaying” is the feeling of getting less than we wanted.

Tesla fans don’t “overpay” for their cars when the feeling of being early more than worth the price.

Comic book collectors don’t “overpay” for out-of-print issues when they’re buying a solution to their favourite, incomplete collection.

Over to you.

Do those who buy what you sell (whether it’s your ideas, your work, or your time) love what they bought, at the price you chose, for the value you gave?

Or did they merely feel like they overpaid?