Healthy creative passion

What’s healthy creative passion?

The ‘healthy’ part comes from identifying the things that cause unhealthy behaviour… and destroying them:

For me, it can be the fear that someone will let me down at the last minute (it happened enough times over the years!) which has led me to be slower to deploy teams at activities in case it happened. But this led to healthy habits: creating SOPs for everything. Because ‘luck’ hadn’t been on my side, I hardened the process to eliminate the need for ‘luck’ to appear. It’s also why I’m so enamoured with reliable, loyal people!

For you, there may be other areas where unhealthy behaviour lives…

It could be taking too many things on at once in fear of things taking to long (thus making everything take longer).

It could be tardiness in response times or clear communication because you’re so slammed (thus making others trust you less due to your seemingly-unknown status).

Whatever it is, it pays dividends to identify where unhealthy habits exist in your pursuit of meaningful, creative work. Making those areas healthy will equip both you and your work to thrive in ways you had only imagined.