Grow in spite of luck

Ever get lucky? Where projects, teams and life goals just fall into place?

That has not been my experience.

We don’t need luck:

Build in spite of luck. Your project may not go viral. It may take an eternity to find the right support, if you ever find it. It may feel harder to make progress than you ever thought. Build in spite of all that.

Love in spite of luck. Stakeholders, clients, partners and peers may leave you in the lurch at precisely the wrong moment. Life may carry more troubles than you care to share. Love in spite of all that.

Grow in spite of luck. You may not meet or know the right people for the longest times, or discover the teachings that help you elevate your mind until later in life. Grow in spite of all that.

Pity those for whom luck has stolen the opportunity to develop grit, resilience and love.