Show us what you’re not

Most company websites say “We are __”.

They tell you what they are.

But they don’t tell you what they are not.

This is equally important.

For instance, the Mortiverse project is being developde to make stoic philosophy culturally accessible by leading a new, web3-facilitated movement of personal development.

But what is it not?

It is now trying to change the world.
It is not trying to become the next BAYC.
It is not trying to build a hyperactive Discord server.
It is not going to apportion pointless airdrops.
It is not going to lean upon market hype nor pumps.

For its choice of market, knowing what it is not is just as important as knowing what it is.

Yes… Cartoons, community, games, and immutable ownership designed to make investing in your growth both fun and profitable is awesome to hear about.

But so is knowing all of the things it will not be.

Most of us can become just as energised by the prospect of a body of work by learning what it isn’t, as we can by learning what it is.

Show us what you’re not.