Being a creator is lonely sometimes

I love making things.

And I love selling them.

The combination of those two things brings so much joy.

But it can be lonely. Perhaps you’ve experienced this too:

You can be surrounded by care, yet feel you can’t share. Many folks don’t want the responsibility of a three-dimensional relationship with you; you fit better as a two-dimensional success in your craft.

You can be surrounded by promises, yet know they’re rarely kept. Many folks will promise a commitment or result for you, but experience will tell you that many peoples’ word doesn’t mean as much as yours does.

You can be surrounded by celebration, yet know it’ll fade if you stop winning. Many folks like to cheer for the winning team, and to claim they supported you all along. But you know they weren’t there for you at the start, and they may not be there at the end.

The pros far outweigh the cons.

But it’s worth you knowing that the cons aren’t just there for you.

We all experience them.

Keep going.