Your work won’t last forever

Your work won’t last forever.

And neither will you.
And neither will your customer.

Since we know that with certainty… shouldn’t we plan for it?

When customers move on… make it great. Having them leaving unhappy and unplanned is not the only way. You can prepare a happy, planned, delightful ending that they love and tell their friends about (who may perhaps be ready to start at the beginning).

When it’s time to move on from the project… make it great. Losing a founder or closing a project don’t have to be sad, unexpected inconveniences. You can prepare a successor, or a seamless hand-over of care for those you serve to complimentary project, or something totally different.

Not lasting forever doesn’t have to be bad.

It’s just another opportunity for you to show up creatively and show those you serve just how much you care.