Invisible Focus


Discord. Slack. Teams. Skype. Even Gmail… All of these tools mark you “Available” with a green circle when you open them.

Available for your attention to be directed toward whatever others might want to use it for.

Available ‘for a quick call’, perhaps ‘to pick your brain’, because surely you’ve ‘got 5 mins’.

We can’t focus on our best work when our focus is given away freely on a first-come-first-serve basis.

But there’s a solution.

These tools all provide an “Invisible” option. Some call it “Away”, but the message is the same: “I am not ‘available’ at the moment.”

You’ve seen it. Perhaps you’ve not clicked it. Perhaps that’s why you spend so long in these kinds of tools.

Focus doesn’t happen when you’re available.

Focus happens when you’re invisible.

And focus is where your genius comes out to play, and you make great work we’re all waiting to see.

Do it for all of us: be invisible.