Choose your own growth

Seinfeld killed the most popular show on TV.

People often wonder why he’d do that.

If he waited longer, he would have killed a declining show. Nobody would have batted an eyelid at that. When would the top have been? Exactly when does the decline begin? Nobody knows until it happens. That’s usually how markets work. Only obvious in hindsight.

The point isn’t to always quit while you’re ahead. The point is to operate on your own terms.

For example:

Let’s say you have an expanding team or product-line. Growth could mean adding more resources and products. That’s growth.

Or, it could mean killing 80% to focus on the 20% that makes the most impact, causing revenue growth without all the extra bloat. That’s growth, too.

We get to choose what growth looks like.

Choose one that suits you because it genuinely suits you. Not just because it makes your grandparents proud or your LinkedIn bio look cool.