It wasn’t right or wrong

You make a call.

Perhaps it was an investment. Or a job offer.

It works out.

Were you right to make the investment or take the job?

Most of us would say yes, it was “right” to do so.

But if the investment was a 60/40 chance of success, it doesn’t become 100/0 because it paid off in retrospect.

It’s still a 60/40 bet that paid off.

What if the job offer was a 90/10 chance of working out… except didn’t work out long-term; the department closed and you were made redundant.

Was it “wrong” to take the job, after all?

Or is it still a 90/10 bet that didn’t pay off?

We often refer to the same events as risky bets, and as clear-cut facts, depending on when in time we’re referring to.

What if we recognised things for what they are regardless of time?

How would that affect our jobs, our projects, our investments… our egos?