Popularity can only be controlled to a degree.

The market decides, and it doesn’t decide rationally.

POGs — small circular plastic discs with pictures on them — were popular in the 90s when kids had access to comics, virtual pets, video games, all sorts of things. Yet we enjoyed POGs so much that schools started banning them due to how disruptive they were.

Select NFT projects — ones that came out of nowhere with no roadmap or proof of work — explode in popularity when other projects have been hard at work for months for a fraction of their market valuation. Despite proof of work, consistent delivery of promises, and better utility.

Things that will be in vogue this year in 2022 — some won’t seem to make any sense. Something will explode in popularity and leave you wondering how it makes any sense when compared to the hard work you’re putting into your endeavours.

It doesn’t have to make sense.

The market decides, and it doesn’t decide rationally.

Nevermind the swells and trends. Focus on doing the best work of your life. Your time will come.