You may already have one.

It’s a crypto wallet.

A place where identity, taste and status are signalled to the world. Better than a description or bio where you can write whatever you like, it’s a full-colour record of your ticket stubs, supported projects, priorities and interests.

Are you someone who chases after digital luxury? What kinds?

Or someone who benevolently supports budding entrepreneurs and artists? What kinds?

Or someone who uses others as stepping stones to what you want?

Or someone who has been a member of a particular club since the beginning? Which clubs?

Or someone who donates time and/or money to good causes? Which causes?

We can tell by looking at your online personality mood-board, as I’ve been endearingly referring to it.

There’s no path to follow or right/wrong way of filling your mood-board.

But what’s there will reflect on you. It’ll help us get an idea of who you are.

Worth thinking about.