Brands that claim to want to get closer to their audience will, soon, be faced with a choice.

An opportunity to truly be community-focused has emerged. Will brands take it?

Hierarchical: The way you’ve thought of companies up to now. The company decides things and makes things, you buy them, they profit.

Heterarchical: The way many brands will develop in the future. The community decides things, buys them, and profits from the growth… the company makes for the community.

How does the product develop?
Who spreads the word?
Who profits from the success?
All of these things will be disrupted.

Community moves from thankless fandom to essential for business. Community members move from passive buying to active engagement and reward.

Opportunity is available for heterarchical brands to disrupt even the most blue-chip of enterprises.

It’s exciting to imagine what we’ll all come up with. How will you leverage this opportunity in your work?