We know what ROI (return on investment) is.
We’re talking money.

We know what ROTI (return on time invested) is.
We’re talking time.

What about ROᾰ̓́? (return on ἄξιος, or ‘axia’)?
(‘ROA’ is already taken to measure profit generation, so let’s go with Greek characters instead!)

Axia is the true worth. Not what it sold (or could sell) for, but what it costs an owner to own.

When measuring return on axia, we have to factor in things like anxiety and peace of mind (“does it cost our calm to profit from this?”) to determine a true worth to us.

A shiny new car costs calm when we want to park in a less affluent neighbourhood. A well-timed investment in a volatile market may cost the nervous energy of constantly watching your charts for the right moment to exit your position.

Our state of mind isn’t recorded on balance sheets that are interested only in ROI.

Opportunity is everywhere, every day. Consider the true cost of the ones you pursue.