What do you think about the metaverse? How about web3?

I ran a metaverse brand in 2008 I first met my wife in a metaverse! And now metaverse is brand-new in 2021. Interoperable virtual experiences aren’t new, but the money flowing into it is new, so therefore the media says it’s new.

It’s dripping with potential, but then again, it has been since 2008! The problem isn’t whether opportunity was present or not.

The problem metaverse has is that, 13 years later, most people still don’t know what the heck ‘metaverse’ means. Folks need to be specific about what metaverse means for consumers if there is to be wider adoption.

The headline of web3 is the ability to move ownership back into the hands of individuals, with a common wallet for attendance and immutable verification of what’s yours. I started my first web3 project October 2021, and am thoroughly enjoying it.

The problem web3 has is that most people don’t really understand what ‘ownership’ means. Even proponents of decentralisation are centralising their attention around select blue-chip tokens, don’t diversify their coinage, and never tried signing an online experience that isn’t purely DeFi-based. Folks need to be specific about what web3 means for consumers if there is to be wider adoption.

These things don’t have hype problems.

They have communication problems.

Perhaps you’re in a similar boat with your work. Excited about the potential of your project or business, but can’t clearly define to anyone outside of your core team why you’re worth betting the farm on.

All of our projects and pursuits benefit from being more specific.

So please, be more specific. We need you to so that we can support you.