All online content and media fits into one of these three categories.

Which is yours in?

#1 Making for growth This is the category most online courses and business-y content strives to fit in.

It prizes success and accomplishment, often hustle and prestige. Fun isn’t the goal. Growth is the goal.

#2 Making for fun This is the category where perusing YouTube or chatting aimlessly with friends belongs.

We used to call this “surfing” the web. It’s leisurely and doesn’t advertise growth at all. Growth isn’t the point. Fun is the point.

#3 Making growth fun This is the third category. Either of the above can explore it.

Growth that’s fun. Or fun that helps you grow. Entertainment with substance. Or substance that’s entertaining.

Whichever of the first two you think your work fits into, it would probably benefit from actually being in the third.