What if you could have the foremost minds in your industry on speed-dial?

You can.

Let’s take a look at how:

#1 Know who they are Who are the best minds in your industry?

You can’t harness their insights if you don’t know!

Find out who they are. Write their names down. It starts here.

#2 Locate their brains Where are these great minds?

Most don’t exist only at the source (in their heads).

Some might be in books. Others may be on (or have their own) YouTube channels. Perhaps they go on Facebook Live. Maybe they publish a regular blog.

#3 Spend time with those brains Once you’ve found those brains, spend time with them.

This is not empty consumption. This is getting to know the greats.

You can’t consult them until you know how they think.

#4 Consult them daily When you know how they think, you can ask questions.

The answers won’t be from their lips, yet you know what they might say.

You’ll know if your ideas are on track, too small, or missing a key ingredient.

You’ll know the face they might pull when they look at your schedule for the day.

It’s not as good as having all of the greatest minds sit no your couch for a private 1-on-1 every single day.

But if it’s even 50% as good, might that not represent a geometric lift in your business or project?