How to Chill

Ambitious? Energetic? Talented?

Here are a few thoughts on how to harness those things…

…by learning how to chill:

#1 Ambition goes long

Good things happen fast. Great things take time.

Ambition benefits from chill so that you can plan your work, work your plan, and make your way toward goals others didn’t have the stamina for.

#2 Energy goes long

There’s a reason why professional poker players don’t play 100 games per day. The energy and focus required to produce 100 wins, every day, would be unsustainable.

“100 games per day” sounds cool. “Losing 90 of them due to fatigue” does not.

Energy benefits from chill so that you can use it wisely and make it all count.

#3 Talent goes long

Talent is deceptive.

Being very talented and very frenetic doesn’t look like talent. It looks like someone who’s doing lots of things at once… …without talent.

Talent benefits from chill so that you can work on your skills and bring “the full you” to each piece of work you tackle. Now the world can see what you’re capable of.

You may like moving fast, with high-energy, frenetically.

Know the trades you’re making when you do that.

And if those trades don’t seem acceptable to you… chill.