On Not Being Left Behind

What’s the best way to not be left behind in a fast-moving market?

Here are 4 ways (can you spot the pattern among them?)

#1 Courage:

Courage enables you to take action when you’re unsure.

You’ll be unsure a lot. So this will increase your resilience, while helping you embrace the impermanence of each result that comes your way.

#2 Wisdom

When things are moving quickly, you need to pay attention, filtering and focusing on what matters.

Experience helps with this. And wisdom comes from experience. The wise are able to make informed choices from clarity in an ambiguous world.

#3 Temperance

If you’re excessive during the wins, you’ll be excessive (and perhaps lacking) during the losses.

The ability to do what is essential and necessary while maintaining “the golden mean” between extremes gives you the balance you need to keep progressing.

#4 Justice

Stand for something. Love. Be kind. Maintain composure through difficult situations.

Bring your sense of justice so others can join you in a mission led by a man/woman of balance.

Noticed the pattern yet?

You got it! You clever cookie: these are the four Stoic virtues.

So… what’s the best way to not be left behind in a fast-moving market?

Focus on your virtues.