Embrace The FUD

FUD = “Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt”.

It’s the feeling that comes with new things. It’s what prevents us from doing those things.

Here’s how to embrace the FUD, instead of FUD embracing us:

#1 Not having a map is the point

Uncharted destinations have no map.

Having no map means getting lost before you find your destination.

If getting to your destination is the goal, having no map is the point.

#2 The opportunity isn’t unique to you

Everyone else on your journey is experiencing the same FUD.

They don’t have a map either.

Those who try, try as blindly as you are.

Those who don’t try, don’t because of the same fears you face.

#3 FUD is all bark no bite

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are invisible forces that exist only in your mind.

So are self-awareness, reason, and virtue.

Embrace the former by focusing on the latter.

All projects with unknown variables contain an element of FUD.

Embrace it. It’s where your biggest growth opportunities come from.