Six Flags is a theme park.

So is DisneyWorld.

Why does one make you feel magical, and the other doesn’t? And how can that difference improve your brand?

#1 Feeling

Six Flags sells the ability to go on rides and eat food.

DisneyWorld sells a memorable experience.

Do you focus on your product (like Flags), or your customer’s journey (like Disney)?

#2 Innovation

Six Flags makes new rides for you to wait to go on.

DisneyWorld makes queueing fun, engaging, and air-conditioned.

Do you focus on the things you do, or the entire experience someone has with you?

#3 Integration

Six Flags sends you a payment confirmation.

DisneyWorld sends you a nice box in the mail with your “magic bracelets” to use at the park.

They’re personal. A reminder of what’s to come. The experience starts before you even pack your bags.

DisneyWorld isn’t just a theme park anymore. It’s an experience for your family.

Six Flags is still just a theme park.

How can YOUR brand transcend “being a service you buy” to “being an experience I can’t wait to tell others about”?