Ready for growth?

Here are 3 key insights our coaching team with makes sure that people grasp before coaching them, to make sure that they’re primed for rapid growth:

  • Communication-to-success ratio
  • Growth discipline
  • Narrative philosophy

Let’s go:

#1 These 2 things are directly linked:

  • The quality of your communication
  • The quantity of your results

Let this idea sink in & experience bigger results.

Your audience’s message is your message. Your job is to express it back to them.

#2 Growth is a discipline, not magic

You must communicate more often:

  • Call your clients
  • Engage them on social
  • Be in their world

Listen for patterns you missed.

No sense in defining the message if you won’t refine the message.

#3 “The best it’s ever been, the worst it’ll ever be”

That’s how we describe everything we ship. So should you.

It recommits you to the ongoing work of:

  • Understanding your customers
  • Expressing their message back to them

These 3 things are subtle mindset changes that make all the difference to your ability to lead your work to new heights.

Marinade in them. Your work – and those you serve– will thank you for it.