Do you know what my biggest roadblock is to growth and progress?

My wife and I were talking about this today, so it felt timely to write about it.

Its probably your biggest roadblock too:

#1 Your relationship with yourself

I beat myself up quite a lot. My wife’s the same way.

For us, it’s a deliberate act to quiet the judgemental voices inside that state, “you’re not good enough.”

When we listen, we suffer. When we ignore, we grow.

#2 Your overthink

You might be thinking too much.

I’m a thinker… I love reading philosophy and comprehending the world and our experience in it…

…But sometimes, ‘think’ gets in the way of ‘do’. Don’t let that happen.

#3 Can’t is a four-letter word

We use “can’t” like a swear word.

It has its place… I’m not woo-woo and understand it has a role in nature…

But you probably need to wash your mouth (and brain) out with soap.

Stop swearing!

Most of business and creating is a mental game.

A game where you think you’re competing with the world.

But really you’re just competing against yourself.