In 2009, a client haggled me down from $20.

Then, I 1000X’d my price and found clients eager to buy before they’d even talked to me.

A Business Coach Manifesto:

Here’s the 4-step process to build a happy client community for business coaches: 1) Audience 2) Message 3) Narrate 4) Cycle

  1. Audience Know who they are. Know how to draw connecting their objectives with yours. Understand how tugging on their objectives tugs on yours by extension.

These are your people. This is your world. 🌎

  1. Message Know what they need to hear from you. Most talk about themselves, in their language. You’ll talk about the client, in their language.

That’s your opportunity.

  1. Narrate Your clients are on a journey. Our job isn’t to make detours to our products. Our job is to offer to help them along their journey using our coaching service.

Paint a picture of their world and how you fit in, not the other way around.

  1. Cycle Your message should be the best it’s ever been. And the worst it’ll ever be.

Talk to your clients, test every assumption, challenge every choice of phrase. Every signal you receive (good/bad) makes you stronger.

Re-apply it in your marketing. You’ll be unstoppable.

That’s it!

It’s deceptively simple.

And your opportunity to be the best business coach in the (‘the’ being ‘their’) world.