What do successful coaches/consultants and …NFT projects… have in common?

More than you think!

Here are 3 traits they share – and why they matter:

#1 They know what they really sell. Successful coaches know they aren’t selling coaching, but movement. The promise of progress. A journey shared toward a desired destination.

Same goes for successful NFT projects – the jpeg isn’t just the product, but a ticket to ride.

#2 They know what really lasts. Successful coaches create attention around their work, but back it with substance. Others create buzz but fizzle out when the world gets wise.

Same goes for NFT projects – pure hype causes a frenetic pump-n-dump, whereas strong community creates longer term value.

#3 They know who really matters. Successful coaches look after their customers. Enrolment when the shoe fits, refunds for the bad bits. The market pays attention to these things, even when you don’t think it does.

Same goes for NFT projects – one refund demonstrates more faith and goodwill among a community than the order value of any one buyer. Everyone feels looked after. Safe. Confident. This is what coaches want for their audience, too!

These seemingly polar-opposite spaces are united by the things that truly matter:

  • Knowing who you’re talking to & what they care about
  • Knowing what to say to them that they need to hear
  • Knowing how to express that message so they can make the right decision

Even if you think you can’t learn anything from totally different markets and industries, think again: it’s where your best ideas will come from.