My wife and I aren’t really people-people.

As much as I love socialising with peers and customers… and routinely tell businesses to spend MORE time talking to their people… when the work day is over, we live a pretty quiet life.

As in, “We like living in the middle of nowhere” quiet.

As in, “Should we get a Doberman to keep randoms away?” quiet.

We all know that he/she who knows the customer best (and how to empathise with their journey) wins…

And yet I frequently hear people tell me things like:

“I’m introverted, I don’t like feeling like I’m in sales, it’s just bothering people, I can just send an email survey or something…”

…as if any of those things has anything to do with spending time with your customers, or as though it gives them a free pass from the rules of the game.

Are you quiet, too?

If you are, remember:

Quiet people are better listeners. They can hear the pains and goals of their audience clearly.

Quiet people connect with purpose, they’re not just killing time. They say things that matter.

Quiet people are sensitive to people’s feelings. They can hear their journey people are on.

Quiet people can sit with the information and find the insights that’ll help their marketing message grow stronger.

Quiet people have superpowers.

This isn’t an excuse to be shy or unconfident (those are fear-driven too).

But if you’re quiet and find yourself wondering if you’re disadvantaged in business because of it, you’re not.

It’s a superpower.