Most of us have gone through a time of insecurity in our careers where we wanted to prove ourselves to others…

To show we know what we’re doing… To show we’re good enough to do what we say we do…

And then we get the joke:

The market doesn’t care.

It doesn’t care if you were featured in that publication. It cares if you are trustworthy.

It doesn’t care if you landed that big client you like to talk about. It cares if you’re a reliable choice.

It doesn’t care how much money you make in a year. It cares if you do a good job for a fair price.

It doesn’t care if you have fancy marketing language. It cares if you understand them.

It doesn’t care where you say you’re going. It cares if you’ll help them get where they’re going.

Once you realise that blowing smoke is just a distracting salve for insecurity, what are we left with, from the above?

Being trustworthy. Reliable. Fair. Understanding. Able to help people get where they’re going.

You’re already equipped to do these things.

If you’ve struggled to feel confident in your work, or as though you’re lacking some of the “essential” coverage and pomp at the top of this post, remember to turn your attention to the list at the bottom.

The market needs you focused on what matters, so you can help us.