Both my wife and I remember being told our ideas wouldn’t work, when we were small.

She would write stories on the family computer – three novel-length manuscripts by the age of 14! But she recalls being told there’s not much money in writing.

I would make comics and games on a near daily basis, selling them to friends at school. Friends would even help sell on the playground for commission! I recall being told there’s not much money in such things, too.

Fast-forward to today…

We get to help businesses get their messages right, with an international team of coaches, writers, artists and developers.

We teach through writing and, yes, comics.

We get to help companies grow in significant, sustainable ways, honestly and ethically, while having loads of fun doing it.

No looking for shortcuts. No shortchanging clients. No keeping up with the Joneses. No buying crap to show off our money. No taking No for an answer.

Yes to living a lifestyle we want. Yes to enjoying our work. Yes to making a huge impact for our clients. Yes to financial abundance and peace.

Things like the or would never have existed if we didn’t dare to do things our way.

You don’t have to sacrifice what makes you happy for the things you want (it’s a trade you can make, but it’s a lousy trade).

You don’t have to sacrifice your personality to be accepted by the market (you can try it, but it makes you boring and forgettable).

You don’t have to settle for living someone else’s idea of the good life (go ahead, but it won’t make you happy).

What things have you been told you can’t do? How are you proving them wrong?