I had a very confident email arrive today.

Without naming names, it said, “Why choose us? Let us count the ways.”

None of the ways they counted had anything to do with me. They featured reports they outranked competitors on and research firms that named them an industry ‘leader’…

…But we don’t choose products because we believe they were good for others. We choose products because we believe they’ll be good for us.

Industry awards feel like lovely validations of your work, and are nice morale boosters among the team.

But when we truly know our choice of market, and we create uniquely for them, the rules change.

We may still meet conventional industry criteria, we may not. Making the best conventional product is no longer the point. Making the best for our chosen market becomes the point.

As you and your team pursue excellence in your body of work, consider defining progress as your ability to meet the unique needs of your people, rather than your ability to mirror your peers.

Those in your care won’t need convincing to join, or stay, or to spread the word.