I first started publishing online around 2000.

We would bookmark our favourite sites to go back to. We controlled our connection with each other.

By 2005, RSS feeds and newsletter subscriptions became widely adopted, so we could connect more deeply with our audiences. We still controlled our connection.

By 2010, social media started to rise. We could chat on social media (rented land we had no control over) as well as our email relationships. We (mostly) controlled our connection.

Fast-forward to today. Social is the primary method of connection for most of us. Paying to be seen and negotiating accidental algorithm bans both introduce new boundaries to manage. We have (mostly) lost control of our connection.

I hope we see a bigger return to email and blogs. Creators deserve to connect with their audiences, and subscribers deserve to hear from those they’re interested in.

I have an email subscribe option on this blog. It’s my primary method of connection. Because I want real conversations with you, whenever we want to chat.

Let’s connect – subscribe and reply with your thoughts on the comics. I’m really looking forward to hearing from you!