It’s football season. I don’t like football.

But even I know one thing about football: the goal posts don’t move.

Which is useful, of course. Players know that a goal is scored if they kick the ball between the posts.

But the same isn’t true in most business or life projects.

When product is a success, the goal posts move. Revenue goals change. Desired profit margins change. Industry shifts modify our desires. Peer groups modify our desires.

Now we can’t put the ball in the same place and consider it another goal scored.

But what if we could?

What if we let a success be a success, even if repeated, like we do in sports?

What if the act of doing a really great job for those we serve can be a consistent thing to shoot for, so that we can become masters at scoring, rather than masters of moving the posts all the time?

This is not a roast of ambition. It’s a toast to mastery.

To master the art of scoring, consider cementing the goal posts so they don’t move on you when you try to score.